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FUV Essentials

So many variables determine what makes an artist or band “essential” — longevity, impact, influence, history. On-air and online, we celebrate the musicians who have shaped our cultural soundtrack for the past fifty years. Let’s love these FUV Essential artists while they’re here, and honor those who have departed too soon.

Led Zeppelin

The band marks its 50th anniversary in 2018, but don't count on a reunion. Instead enjoy Robert Plant's solo album, a new 368-page illustrated book, and plenty of celebratory Zep-releated events.

Sylvan Esso: Five Essential David Bowie Songs

Deep in heart of Sylvan Esso's "Radio" lurks a clue to one of Amelia Meath's favorite David Bowie songs, "Blue Jean." Since Meath has already confessed to one of her most beloved Bowie tracks, FUV wondered if she had four others she might want to write about for "Five Essential David Bowie Songs" for FUV Essentials. She most certainly did!

David Bowie

Following a five-year journey at museums across the world, the exhibition "David Bowie is" opened on March 2 at its final stop, New York's Brooklyn Museum, where it remains until mid-July 2018. Bowie was FUV's first ever FUV Essentials artist back in March 2016, but what better reason for another celebration of his music and legacy?

Johnny Cash

''Johnny Cash was the champion of the voiceless, the underdogs and the downtrodden. He was also something of a holy terror, like Abraham Lincoln with a wild side,'' said his friend Kris Kristofferson, at Cash's 2003 funeral. ''He represented the best of America.''

Nina Simone

Nina Simone made us weep, articulated our rage, turned a mirror to our hate and prejudice, and inspired a generation in the throes of resistance. She still does so, nearly 15 years since her passing. She is not only one of our most vivid #FUVEssentials, she's essential to who we are as Americans.