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Leif Vollebekk

Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, Leif Vollebekk is a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter known for his somber, melancholy pop songs that capture the themes of yearning, long-lost love, and adventure. During his childhood and teens, he discovered the music of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Lou Reed whilst also discovering a connection with the writings and works of Beat Generation authors Allen Ginsberg and Charles Bukowski.

Will Butler

This songwriter and composer is best known as a multi-instrumentalist and core member of Grammy Award-winning indie rock collective, Arcade Fire.  He also releases music as a solo artist. His solo debut album, "Policy" was released in 2015.  This short but sweet eight track album pays homage to American music. Lyrically and sonically, the album is akin to work from prolific acts like The Violent Femmes, The Modern Lovers, Bob Dylan, The Magnetic Fields, and even Ghostface Killah.