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FUV Live 20

Here's our latest collection of best performances of the past year from WFUV. Support FUV today and it's all yours.

Conor Oberst: 2016

Conor Oberst recently returned to his roots in every way imaginable. After suffering a serious health scare and a good deal of stress, he left New York City after 13 years here, moved back to Omaha, Nebraska, and for the first time since his early years, wrote songs truly alone and with no plan. Fortunately, he decided to record them — unadorned, and many played on upright piano — and we couldn't wait to hear these songs live in Studio A.

Jim James: 2016

Jim James steps away from his band My Morning Jacket for the second time to release another solo album called Eternally Even. The new record brings to light some very dark and troubling issues, but they’re wrapped in such funky R&B grooves that they go down smooth.

Hiss Golden Messenger: 2016

The sixth album from Hiss Golden Messenger, Heart Like A Levee, started as a commissioned project by Duke University to create a song-cycle to accompany a set of photographs, but emerged as an honest and beautiful documentation of the past couple years. We welcomed MC Taylor and his band back to Studio A to hear a couple of these songs live, and to talk about another new album, faith, and the influence of those photographs.

Warpaint: 2016

The Los Angeles quartet Warpaint is back with a brilliant new album called Heads Up. The new songs demonstrate the progression in skill and song craft from each of the four members, and their talents combine like a powerful groundswell, pulling you in.

Dawes: 2016

Don't let the title mislead you. There's a whole lot of life in the new, fifth album from Dawes, called We're All Gonna Die. It is the latest chapter in the story of an ever-evolving, creative rock band, which takes its craft to new heights here.

The Avett Brothers: 2016

There is a core honesty about The Avett Brothers. It’s a quality that has endeared them to their fans since their start over a decade and a half ago, when they were a simple trio, comprised of brothers Seth and Scott Avett and bassist Bob Crawford.