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John Liu

Up Close With NYC's Mayoral Candidates: John Liu (D)

Listen this week at 7:40 a.m. and 5 p.m. for profiles of each of the leading candidates, and scroll down for more candidates' profiles.

Growing up as an immigrant in New York City, politics were never in the cards for a young John Liu.  His family left Taiwan when he was only five, moving to Queens in search of the American Dream. 

Liu: Legalize Pot to Help NYC Youth

The City Comptroller and Mayoral Candidate says it'll save over $400 Million.

John Liu wants to legalize pot to help the city's youth. The New York City Comptroller and democratic mayoral candidate released a report on Wednesday saying legalizing and taxing marijuana would garner the city more than $400 million each year. He said the extra money could be used to lower tuition at CUNY schools.