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Mayor Bloomberg

Proposed NY Budget Makes Cuts to Juvenile Justice System

In the 1970s, former New York

In his state of the budget address earlier this month, Cuomo proposed a reduction of juvenile beds from 1,209 to 833.  He also wants to reduce the Office of Child and Family Services’ budget by $149 million and provide reimbursement incentives for local alternatives to incarceration for low and medium risk juvenile offenders.

Mayor Bloomberg Investigates Gun Law Loopholes

New York City sent private investigators to a gun show in Arizona, where they caught footage that the mayor says shows how easy it is for even unqualified buyers to purchase guns.

In the footage, the investigator, acting as a buyer, told the dealer that he probably wouldn't pass a background check--but was allowed to purchase a semi-automatic pistol anyway.

NYC to Give Money to Underperforming Schools

Last year New York State raised the bar on their state exams, and the city wants to help underperforming schools catch up.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced a $10 million dollar plan to help low performing elementary and middle schools.  The money will go to 532 schools where more than two-thirds of the students performed below grade level on last year’s english and math proficiency exams.

Bloomberg Admininstration Faces City Council Hearing About Christmas Blizzard

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's admininstration has told lawmakers it might have been a better decision to call a snow emergency during the post-Christmas blizzard.

The administration is being questioned in detail for the first time about its cleanup efforts in the wake of the blizzard, which dumped more than two feet of snow in some parts of the city.