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One on One

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Lombardi Star Keith Nobb

One on One talks to actor Keith Nobbs from Lombardi.

On today’s One on One, we continued our coverage of the upcoming Broadway play, Lombardi. We’ve had a few key members of the production over the past weeks, and today we spoke with Keith Nobbs, who plays the reporter in the show. 

Lombardi Star Rob Riley

The guys from One on One talk to actor Rob Riley, playing Dave Robinson in Lombardi.

On this past week’s One on One, we continued coverage of the upcoming Broadway play, Lombardi.  We spoke with actor Rob Riley, who plays former Green Bay Packers linebacker Dave Robinson.

Lombardi Star Dan Lauria

Ben Allen and Joe Tordy speak with Dan Lauria, who plays Vince Lombardi in the upcoming broadway play Lombardi.

The upcoming play Lombardi has been a key topic on One on One for the past two weeks.  This past Saturday, Ben Allen and Joe Tordy had a chance to speak with the star of the play, Dan Lauria.  

Hall of Fame Wrapup

The guys from One on One  check out Cooperstown

The mecca of the baseball world is in Cooperstown, New York, where only the finest of those involved in baseball can become members of the Hall of Fame. Every year, we’re privileged to do a One on One road show during Induction Weekend in this small town in upstate New York.