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Like the Yankees, Knicks Must Use Age to Their Advantage During Stretch Run

Age Is Not Always a Bad Thing

“I haven’t seen a young team win an NBA title in the last 10, 15 years,” Knick head coach Mike Woodson said in July. “If you can tell me one, then so be it, but I haven’t seen one. It’s veteran guys that are winning NBA titles.”

This summer when trying to construct the Knicks roster, General Manager Glen Gruwald built a team to Woodson’s liking, adding antiques Jason Kidd, Marcus Camby, Rasheed Wallace, and Kurt Thomas, who at 40 is the oldest active player in the league.

Celtics and Lakers in for the fight of their lives...

A tough road lies ahead for both historic franchises...

The Celtics and Lakers are among two of the most respected, storied, and successful franchises in professional sports. The National Basketball Association’s two hallmark franchises combine for a total of 52 Finals appearances and 33 Larry O’Brien Trophies.

Knicks and Celtics Swapping Places

Knicks Using Celtics Blueprint for Success

Last season the Boston Celtics went on to surprise many in getting to the Conference Finals, then taking Miami to a seventh game. Boston’s aging big three of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen were in year five of an original three year plan, and most media members declared their title window closed.

Knicks and Nets are more than keeping New York busy…

As Spring Training approaches, New York fully engulfed in basketball…

New York is labeled by most as a basketball town, but this city hasn’t had much to root for on the hardwood during the new millennium. In the twelve seasons since Patrick Ewing’s departure following the 1999-2000 season, the Knickerbockers, for the most part, have stunk up the ‘World’s Most Famous Arena.’

As We Enter 2013, Kobe and Jeter Remain Forever Young

Gifts that keep on giving

It’s a rare and happy thing to grow great and old in your craft. It’s a gift, an achievement, and a testament to one’s hard work and unique skillset. However, we tend to overlook sustained greatness across the years, and mistake it for something mundane. But genius that repeats and repeats over the long haul is the rarest gift in the world.