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Mark Teixeira

State of the Yankees: First Base Responsibilities Now Solely on Overbay’s Shoulders

With All-Star Mark Teixeira done for the season, Overbay will man first base for the Pinstripes until September – and hopefully into October

The Yankee fan base would have had an undoubtedly hard time grasping the idea during spring training that journeyman Lyle Overbay would play first base for the majority of the games this season.

On Deck: September 4th - Yankees' Lead Shrinks, Mets Are Still The Mets, and NL Central Talk

Are the Yankees a shoe-in for the playoffs? Who takes the NL Central?

Kenny and Kris debate whether the return of Alex Rodriguez can help the Yankees right the ship. The guys cover improved play from the team in Queens and breakdown the keys to the Chicago- Detroit race.