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Dan Romanello

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Note: Dan has announced that after 35 years on WFUV, he has decided to retire, and the March 4, 2018 edition of Group Harmony Review will be his last show. More information here.

Dan Romanello began listening to WFUV back when he was a kid collecting records. Now he hosts Group Harmony Review, the nation's longest running rhythm and blues radio program. Romanello says the mission of his program is "to preserve the 1950s R&B vocal group sound, including its roots in the 1940s and its transition into the 1960s. I enjoy every minute of it."

Romanello has proudly hosted the program since 1983. "As a volunteer," he says, "I consider it an opportunity to help something I love, a reward in itself." He credits listener feedback and support for helping him to "meet the challenges of preserving this music half a century later, and also creating an esprit de corps."

David Hinckley, radio columnist for the New York Daily News, is a fan of the program. "Group Harmony Review and The Big Broadcast seem curiously close kin to me because they both offer rich American musical forms that are far too often neglected elsewhere in popular media. To me they also feel like kin to much of what's heard on WFUV, because no great music exists independently of other great music. Dan Romanello's vocal group harmony music and Rich Conaty's popular tunes are two of the rare radio programs for which I shut down all other visual and aural media and just settle down to listen."

Romanello brings both a knowledge of and a passion for the music, much of which he heard growing up in Brooklyn in the 1950s, where the streetcorner sound was everywhere. Dan and his wife Julianne live in NYC.