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TAS In Session: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour


If you haven't ditched your cable package for Hulu, then you probably heard a catchy pop tune entitled "Around the Bend" about six months ago and thought, "who's this?". When the the Apple empire speaks, we listen and pay attention.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour are one of the lucky bands instantly thrown into worldwide exposure overnight with their music appearing in an iPod touch commercial in the fall of 2008.

Mette Lindberg and Lars Iversen from Copenhagen started writing and recording in Lars's flat (apartment) back in 2007. The band formed through mutual friends and the blend of funky, electronic, soul mixed with a touch of "I'm cool" attitude is what you hear today. Sound simple? not really. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour blend in a saxophone, trumpet, layered keyboards, and an assortment of bells and shakers. The band spent nearly 4 hours in-studio at The Alternate Side! They are fun to hang with... Their new record entitled Fruit will be released in May in the US. Enjoy the advance listen.