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Mayor's Proposed Budget Cuts Teacher Jobs


The Mayor's budget proposal seeks to close a multi-billion dollar deficit.

Nearly 4,300 New York City teachers will be laid-off under the budget proposal unveiled by Mayor Bloomberg Friday. 

1,500 other teaching positions will be eliminated through attrition.  The Mayor said reductions in federal and state education aid made the cuts unavoidable.  Bloomberg said he didn’t make the decision to cut back from federal and state money for education, but it was forced upon the city.

The proposed cuts to education and other services for children aren’t sitting well with many city officials.  Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer asked, “Why are the children of this city, the next generation, the target of this administration?”

Stringer said he wants to work with the City Council to avoid teacher reductions. 

The Mayor must negotiate with the City Council to pass a balanced budget by June.