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Band of Horses: 2016

Band of Horses at WFUV

Band of Horses at WFUV (photo by Sarah Burns)


It’s been four years since we’ve had a new Band of Horses album; but the band and its primary songwriter, Ben Bridwell, have hardly been hiding out. Between studio releases they recorded and released a live album, 2014’s Acoustic At The Ryman. Bridwell also teamed up with Sam Beam of Iron & Wine for a beautiful album of covers in 2015, Sing Into My Mouth.

At last, Band of Horses is back with a new collection, their fifth effort, called Why Are You OK.

We were excited to welcome the band back to Studio A for a special acoustic session to hear a sampling of the new songs. I also chatted with the band about the recording and balancing rock stardom with family life.

[recorded: 5/17/16]