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Strike a Chord

Bringing awareness to local issues, and connecting volunteers with opportunities to make a difference.

WFUV is supported by a community of smart, curious, caring people. At WFUV we're committed to supporting community organizations doing good work in the NY area. We spotlight a particular issue every quarter. You'll hear related Cityscape programs and news features, and public service announcements for local organizations. WFUV's Community Advisory Board contributes their ideas; if you have any suggestions for themes, please contact

Holding Hands

Family Caregivers: Fall, 2015

When you're faced with having to care for a sick or disabled loved one, you're bound to encounter a set of new responsibilities - many of which might be unfamiliar or intimidating. This Fall, WFUV's Strike a Chord campaign is focusing on the needs and challenges of family caregivers.

Watch our Bronxnet Television panel discussion on the topic here.

Here are some of the organizations supporting family caregivers in our area: