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#SummerofFUV Music Guide

Slothrust: 2016

Slothrust at WFUV

Slothrust at WFUV (photos by Joanna LaPorte & Monica Fafaul)


NYC’s Slothrust is not your typical indie rock band. Formed in college, the trio of Leah Wellbaum, Kyle Bann and Will Gorin have taken their love of blues and jazz and created a sound that feels like it’s own living entity. Their new record, Everyone Else, showcases their impressive skill and interplay and takes the listener through a number of exciting sonic shifts over the course of the album’s ten songs. Listen in for conversation about their beginnings, thoughts on fitting in and lots more, plus great live versions of “Rotten Pumpkin” and “Pigpen.”

[recorded: 10/31/16]