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Around my Block: Fighting for Fair Play

David Garcia Rosen is the Dean and Athletic Director at Bronx Academy of Letters

David Garcia Rosen has been fighting to get sports for his students for years


Around My Block tells the story of everyday New Yorkers making lasting impacts - big and small - in their community. We're starting off with stories about the Bronx. With #AroundMyBlock, WFUV News wants to highlight the beauty of our borough.

Next up: David Rosen.

His block is The Bronx Academy of Letters in the #MottHaven neighborhood in the #Bronx, where he's Dean and Athletic Director. Rosen has been fighting for sports equity almost his entire career. He sports as a positive force for student's lives. To him, sports is about justice, and his students agree. He's fighting for access to team sports for young people in the Bronx.

Watch his story.