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The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - FUV Live - 2015

Hear an Alternate Side in Session with The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.



Back in 2009, I heard a clip of an amazing song in an Apple commercial. After some internet sleuthing, I discovered that the song, "Around the Bend" was by a Danish band called The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.  I got my grubby hands on their debut album, Fruit, and quickly fell in love with their quirky style which blended horns, bass, drums, guitars and pianos with out-of-this-world samples and the unique voice of frontwoman, Mette Lindberg. Later that year, Mette and her partner Lars Iverson stopped by Studio A with their band and performed a very loud, very funky version of their song, "The Golden Age". 

I've since been following their career and enjoying their music and I was very pleased to see that they have a new album! It's called Bring Us Together and it does that very thing.  The songs on there are outrageously catchy and fun. When FUV heard that Mette was going to be in NYC again, we invited her and her bandmates up to Studio A again and much to my delight, she chatted with me and played a couple of the new songs.  

[recorded: 10/22/14]