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Astorino Attacks Albany Corruption

Astorino Attacks Albany Corruption
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Gubernatorial candidate reveals his plan for reform.

Republican candidate for governor Rob Astorino went after Albany corruption today, and revealed his proposal to fight it.

Astorino says Governor Cuomo has failed to make good on his promise to reform Albany. He says the governor has interfered with investigations and protected lawmakers under scrutiny.

"The governor is definitely a part of the Democratic culture of corruption right now in New York State, and it has to be cleaned up," said Astorino.

Astorino proposes reforming the state legislature by shortening the legislative session and introducing term limits. He calls for new blood in the Senate and Assembly, and says lawmakers should consider legislating a "part-time job." Astorino says they could be more productive.

"I think that the best way is to be in their district, helping people," he said.

Astorino wants to make lawmaker's expenses more transparent. He also wants to switch to a pension plan he says will save the state money.

Astorino cited a 2012 University of Illinois study that marked New York as the most corrupt state, saying it proves his proposals are needed.

Peter Kauffmann, a spokesman for the New York State Democratic Committee, dismissed Astorino's plans. The latest poll shows Governor Cuomo has a 36 point lead over Astorino.