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City Takes Action on Potholes


The Department of Transportation announced a new campaign to fix city streets.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is giving the Department of Transportation an extra $2 million dollars for pot hole repairs, after the city received numerous 311 pothole complaints.

DOT Commissioner Jannett Sadik-Khan said the funds will go towards hiring more crews and shifts for street repair workers, so more holes can be filled in at a quicker pace. “Mother Nature has really thrown everything at us this year, but we are fighting back harder than ever before.”  Sadik-Khan said the city has already filled 40,000 potholes since January, a 54% increase from last year.

Councilmembers James Vacca and Margret Chin joined the DOT Commissioner in the announcement.  Councilman Vacca said this proactive approach is needed. “This winter has been a snow-megeddon.  We now have to come to the plate, because winter does not end when the snow and the ice is gone, winter ends when all the potholes are gone.”

The City’s pothole campaign also started a new website:, where New Yorkers can track pothole repairs and report any new ones they find.