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Cityscape: NYC in Film

Cityscape: NYC in Film
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On this week's Cityscape, we're focusing on NYC in film.
Summertime is synonymous with many things, the beach, barbeques, baseball, and something that doesn’t start with a B – movies.  Hollywood is known for releasing some of its biggest and most expensive films of the year during the summer.  On this episode of Cityscape, we’re rolling with a movies theme, including a look at a top 20 list of the best New York City films of all time:
On this episode, Bronx Community College Professor (and film guru) Jeffrey Wisotsky gives a list of the "Greatest films that feature New York City":
  1. The Godfather, directed by Francis Ford Coppola
  2. The French Connection, directed by William Friedkin
  3. Midnight Cowboy, directed by John Schlesinger
  4. The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, directed by Joseph Sargent
  5. Serpico, directed by Sidney Lumet
  6. Marty, directed by Delbert Mann
  7. The Wanderers, directed by Philip Kaufman
  8. A Bronx Tale, directed by Robert De Niro
  9. Taxi Driver, directed by Martin Scorsese 
  10. Mean Streets, directed by Martin Scorsese
  11. Goodfellas, directed by Martin Scorsese
  12. Manhattan, directed by Woody Allen
  13. Annie Hall, directed by Woody Allen
  14. The Naked City, directed by Jules Dassin
  15. Do The Right Thing, directed by Spike Lee
  16. Wild Style, directed by Charlie Ahern
  17. The Warriors, directed by Walter Hill
  18. After Hours, directed by Martin Scorsese
  19. Saturday Night Fever, directed by John Badham
  20. West Side Story, directed by Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise