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Jane Austen Fans Celebrate Pride and Prejudice's 200th...

Jane Austen Fans Celebrate Pride and Prejudice's 200th Birthday
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People worldwide are celebrating the birth of Jane Austen's classic.

Since it was first published back in 1813, Pride and Prejudice, has taken the world by storm.

 So far, it has sold up to nearly 20 million copies, even inspiring a major film and mini-series.  Fordham University Professor and Jane Austen expert, Susan Greenfield, said 200 years later and the book still has a special place in the world.

"The reason why I think Pride and Prejudice ends up topping the list of Jane Austen's novels is because it's such a deeply satisfying, well I hate to say it, but it's such a deeply satisfying romance."

While the book is often celebrated for its love story, Greenfield added there are more lessons to take away from Austen's story.

"Its popularity has taken a turn to emphasize really the kind of problems of self-discovery and self-development that are the heart of Pride and Prejudice, and that certainly relevant for people in their 20's at this moment in history when the future seems uncertain, particularly economically."

The anniversary's being celebrated worldwide Monday, January 28th, with book readings and parties in cities including New York and Chicago.

Read Dr. Greenfield's article in the Los Angeles Review of Books for more information.