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My Brightest Diamond - FUV Live - 2014

Hear an Alternate Side in Session with My Brightest Diamond.



Shara Worden is a true artist. She has scored films, has sung with symphonies and in operas, collaborated on various visual art projects and, of course, fronts the experimental rock band, My Brightest Diamond.

Worden's most recent album as My Brightest Diamond, This Is My Hand, is a wonderful fusion of high art and pop culture. The classically-trained artist studied celeb-popster Lady Gaga, EDM purveyor Skrillex and even marching bands for the album. As Worden explained: "We are all inherently musical, that’s the ethos of punk. Whereas classical music is all about specialization, [it's] really studying and devoting yourself to one very specific thing. As an artist, I live between these two ethoses."

On the new record, she demonstrates her impressive grasp of sound and emotion through her arrangements of classical instruments, alongside hand claps and her own stirring vocals.

This Is My Hand may be My Brightest Diamond's best work to date. It was an absolute honor and privilege to host Worden in FUV's Studio A. Listen and watch the session here.

[recorded: 9/26/14]