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UN Security Council Holds Emergency Meeting on North Korea

UN Photo/Manuel Elias


The United Nations Security Council has held an emergency meeting on yesterday's nuclear test by North Korea. According to UN experts, this was their largest nuclear test to date. Tensions ran high at the meeting as the United States and China offered conflicting visions of how to create peace on the Korean peninsula. China and Russia are proposing a military de-escalation by both sides. That would mean if the North stopped conducting nuclear tests, the United States and South Korea would also suspend their military exercises in the region. But US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley condemned the proposal.

"The idea that some have suggested, a so-called "freeze for freeze," is insulting. When a rogue regime has a nuclear weapon, and an ICBM pointed at you, you do not lower your guard," she said.

Instead, Ambassador Haley called for stronger sanctions and exhausting all diplomatic means.