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Violents and Monica Martin: 2017

Violents and Monica Martin (photo by Sabrina Sitton)

Violents and Monica Martin (photo by Sabrina Sitton)



In recent years, social media and the digital sphere have changed our lives dramatically.  Some may argue that we are, ironically,  less connected to each other than ever before. Certainly in the music industry, the internet and social media have been gamechangers. There are quick rises to stardom that were never possible before. In the case of Jeremy Larson, aka Violents, and Monica Martin, that meeting of minds and talents couldn’t have happened otherwise.

The story of how one incredibly gifted multi-instrumentalist, classically trained pianist, composer and producer connected with vocalist Monica Martin (former lead singer of the popular indie folk group Phox), is a modern day, social media fairytale, that resulted in some of the most beautiful music the two had created thus far. It's far beyond what Larson had imagined when he first reached out to Martin, one of his favorite singers, to help him realize his dream.

During this episode of FUV Live, Larson and Martin tell their story and play us a couple of songs from their collaborative debut,  Awake & Pretty Much Sober.

[recorded: 4/27/17]