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Not long ago, a "Big Broadcast" listener, a retired pharmacist from Fishkill, passed away. We'd met a few times. And he kindly gave me a two volume "Dance Band" discography, even a spare three-speed turntable. We even had a preliminary chat regarding his record collection. (Nowadays, people ask me if I've made "arrangements" for my collection, and wish they'd stop!) The next contact was from his widow. The other day I filled my station wagon with around 1000 records, and that's just the first trip. His wife told me how much the music meant to him, and how he recorded my show onto VHS tapes, then dub them onto cassettes to listen while driving. A new car meant no more cassettes, but he rigged some kind of system to keep the tunes coming.

"Bottomless" refers to my continuing astonishment at how much wonderful music was produced in such a narrow slice of the 20th Century. Of the records picked up the other days, I've found dozens that were "new" to me, including the one posted here. "Why?" comes from a 1929 musical, "Sons O' Guns," which had William Frawley in the cast. I knew the song from other recordings, but not this version. And just learned that another tune I only discovered recently, "Red Hot and Blue Rhythm," comes from the same show. That one is likely to be included in a future "Big Broadcast" CD. We've managed to compile ten CDs of recordings that, for the most part, only exist on their original 78 RPM issue. And the additional pleasure of releasing around a dozen tracks for the first time anywhere. Bottomless.