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#SummerofFUV Music Guide

Music Discoveries 2013: Alisa's Picks



Laura Mvula - I am completely impressed with the musical arrangements on this unique album, but it is the blending of voices on this record that really sends me over the moon!
[FUV Vault session] []

DIIV - I fell in love with this band when I first heard them on the radio, and I've seen them play live four times. Each time I thought to myself, 'I'm just gonna hang at the back of the crowd and listen,' but each time I ended up getting drawn closer and closer to their rowdy mosh pits like a moth to the flame. It's exhilarating!
[DIIV on Facebook]

London Grammar - Their debut album, If You Wait, is stunning from start to finish. They came to Studio A to do an FUV Live session, and I almost cried when I heard Hannah Reid's stirring vocals.

The thrill of musical discovery never gets old for the WFUV air staff: We asked our DJs for the three new artists they've been most excited to get turned on to in the last year.