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Advocacy Group Assesses NYC's Parks

Advocacy Group Assesses NYC's Parks
The weather's getting warmer and more New Yorkers will be flocking to their neighborhood parks.

New Yorkers for Parks is an advocacy group that compiles report cards for the city's parks to address problems like litter and a lack of access. 

Jessica Feldman, research analyst for the group, said overall the parks have improved since the last report card in 2010. But some people might not see it that way.

"For the average park user, you go to your neighborhood park," she said, "it's just as important that you find that park in tip-top condition to say on average the system is doing well."

Feldman said one of the trends the group has noticed is problems with water fountains.

"A fountain gets clogged by a balloon, kids get sand in the fountains," she said, "Part of this comes down to having enough maintenance staff to be deployed to the parks to deal with those plumbing issues."

According to the Parks Department's preliminary budget, they plan to add more maintenance positions this year.