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Central Park Receives $100 Million Donation

Central Park Receives $100 Million Donation
City Officials Say it's the Largest Donation Ever Given to a Public Park.

The Central Park Conservancy has an additional $100 million to spend on maintaining Manhattan's largest green space. 

Billionaire hedge fund manager John Paulson donated the money to the organization that upkeeps Central Park. He says he wanted to give back to the place that's given him many great memories.
"When I was a baby my parents drove me around in a carriage, when I was a teenager I used to come here and hang around Bethesda Terrance, [and] when I got older I did rollerblading," Paulson said. "Now I'm a little nervous on the rollerblades."
The Central Park Conservancy will use the donation to renovate playgrounds, restore woodlands, and enhance recreation centers. CEO and President of the organization, Doug Blonsky, says the money will help the green space thrive.
"While we've restored much of the park, the maintenance of our improvements is never ending," he said. "This gift allows capital restoration to continue and past improvements to endure."
The pledge will be paid out by Paulson and his Paulson Family Foundation.