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Christine Quinn Endorses Democratic Mayoral Candidate Bill de Blasio

Christine Quinn Endorses Democratic Mayoral Candidate Bill de Blasio
Christine Quinn announced Bill de Blasio has her support for Mayor of New York City.

City Council Speaker and former Democratic Mayoral candidate Christine Quinn announced her endorsement of Bill de Blasio for New York City Mayor.

Quinn, who was once the opponent of de Blasio, and a front runner herself, is no longer in the race after comng in third in the Primary Election on Sept. 10. Bill Thompson, the runner-up in the Democratic race, bowed out yesterday and also gave his support to de Blasio.

Echoing de Blasio's stance on affordable housing, public school education, and rent capping, Quinn said that the Democratic nominee "shares our democratic and progressive ideals, [and] is someone who will make sure the opportunity and promise of New York is shared equally by each and every New Yorker."

"We are moving forward from this moment in unity because there is an urgent, urgent need in this city to make change," de Blasio said, noting that both he and Quinn have many overlapping concerns for New Yorkers that were previoulsly mentioned.

He added, "believing in the positive, activist, meaningful role of government in bettering people's lives, and that philosophy that we all grew up with, we're going need to implement that pihlosphy. We're going to need to innovate in the spirit of that philosphy, as never before."

Despite being vocal about her support for de Blasio and the future of New York City, Quinn was silent on what her next move would be.

The general election is on Nov. 5 this year, where de Blasio will be facing Joe Lhota for office.