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City College of New York Opens "World Without AIDS Exhibit"

City College of New York Opens "World Without AIDS Exhibit"
Art exhibition pays tribute to those living with HIV/AIDS

Colored fabrics and stark photographs hang on the walls of Aaron Davis Hall paying tribute to those living with HIV/AIDS, but the feeling there is quietly uplifting.  The exhibit imagines a world free from the disease, reminding everyone to stay hopeful for a cure. 

The exhibit's Curator Dr. Myrah Brown Green said the art represents a silver lining.

"I wanted them to be able to exhale when they came and viewed this exhibition.  When you're looking at it, you're almost in thought.  So it's not like you're smiling.  You might smile, you might not, but the images will make you think."  Said Green.

Harlem Artist A.D. Mentor, whose photos are featured, said the exhibit will help raise awareness about the disease.

Mentor Said, "It exists, it's real, it hasn't gone away and I think in this exhibit, if we can educate one person, I think we've pushed into a more positive level of understanding."

34 million people live with HIV/AIDS across the world including over 100,000 in New York City.