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Cloud Nothings: 2017

Cloud Nothings with Eric Holland at WFUV

Cloud Nothings with Eric Holland at WFUV (photo by Sabrina Sitton)


About seven and a half years ago, Dylan Baldi, then a student at Ohio's Case Western University, received a call from a New York City. Someone was interested in booking his band Cloud Nothings for a show. The problem was that no band existed outside the recordings Baldi had crafted by himself and posted online.

He solved the problem by forming a group to play the show. Not long after that decision, Baldi dropped out of college to make Cloud Nothings a reality: he hit the road, played hundreds of shows, and eventually recorded five albums, the most recent of which is called Life Without Sound.

We'll get a taste of that fifth release and catch up with Baldi and the rest of Cloud Nothings during this FUV Live session. 

[recorded: 10/12/16]