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#SummerofFUV Music Guide

Ethan Johns - FUV Live - 2013

Hear an FUV Live session with Ethan Johns tonight at 9.

Ethan Johns has been in a supporting role for most of his nearly two-decade career. A revered producer, multi-instrumentalist, mixer, engineer, and touring musician, Ethan has worked with the likes of Ryan Adams, Kings of Leon, Laura Marling, and Ray Lamontagne. Music has always been in his blood, as he is the son of legendary producer Glyn Johns. He was a musician first, before discovering his innate talent for producing others' work.

At long last, Ethan Johns has stepped to the fore on his first proper album, aptly titled If Not Now, When?. It is not only beautiful, but is the natural extension and culmination of everything he has done up to now.

A recent visit to Studio A brought us a thoughtful and fascinating interview merged with gorgeous solo acoustic live versions of Ethan's new songs, that showcased masterful guitarwork and songwriting. It was like a meal we never wanted to end, and we savored every bite!

[recorded: 07/29/13]