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John Gorka: 2016

John Gorka with John Platt at FUV

John Gorka with John Platt at FUV (photo by Jeremy Rainer)


Back in 1985, John Gorka, then a Kerrville New Folk winner, went to Nashville on the recommendation of Nanci Griffith to work with with Jim Rooney on his debut album. After the sessions, he had second thoughts about releasing the album, so he scrapped it and later recorded most of the songs again for I Know, which became his first official release in 1987.

Recently, John gave those old tapes another listen and decided to remix and release them after all as Before Beginning - The Unreleased I Know, Nashville 1985.

John paid a return visit to WFUV to talk about what changed his mind and what his career looks 30 years later. You'll hear the alternate versions of "Down in the Milltown" and "I Know," as well as an in-studio performance of one of his most enduring songs, "I Saw a Stranger With Your Hair."

[recorded: 9/15/16]