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Last Chance Deadline Looms for NYC Property Owners to Register for Sandy Recovery Funds

Last Chance Deadline Looms for NYC Property Owners to Register for Sandy Recovery Funds
New York City property owners have until September 30 to sign up for the NYC Build it Back grant and loan program.
New York City property owners affected by Superstorm Sandy have less than three weeks to register for the last of government assistance.  After that, they're on their own.


The NYC Build It Back grant and loan program uses federal funds allocated to fill in gaps left by FEMA payments and insurance to help property owners still recovering from last October get back on their feet.  It's the last bit of funding available for property owners to take advantage of if their homes or buildings still need work.  Those who indepently made repairs on their property can also seek reimbursement for previous work done out of pocket.  Others have the option of voluntarily selling their homes back to the government, either to redevelop them into new, more resilient property, or to convert them into open space.

While the program largely applies to property owners, year-round renters displaced by the storm can also receive some assistance.  Temporary rental subsidies of up to two years are available for displaced renters with low incomes.  Renters in higher income brackets can get help locating temporary living situations while construction is underway on their building.
Not everyone is eligible to participate in the program, however.  Build it Back does NOT apply to those whose damaged property was a second home, for example; and landlords must rent out to year-round tenants in order to receive assistance for their buildings.  Take a look at this checklist to see if you are eligible for the "Build It Back" program.  You can also dial 311 to speak with a representative.
The deadline to sign up is Monday, September 30.  If you're a homeowner, multi-family property owner, or renter looking for more information about the "NYC Build it Back" grant and loan program, follow these respective links.
If you're interested in registering for the program, click here, or dial 311 and ask for NYC Build it Back.
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