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Leftover Jellybeans Can Make a Difference

Leftover Jellybeans Can Make a Difference
Charities welcome candy donations.

With Easter fast approaching, many people are stocking up on jelly beans, chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks.

But, come Monday morning, some New Yorkers may find themselves wondering what they can do with all that leftover candy.  One program might just have the answer.

Natalie Greaves works with the Ronald MacDonald House in Manhattan. She said they’re urging New Yorkers not to toss the leftovers in the trash.

Greaves said there are 84 sick children living in the house right now and it’s wonderful when people donate candy to them. “It’s not just the kids with cancer who are staying here, but the entire family, including siblings, as well. When you give that many kids candy at once you have a pretty lively, rockin’ house.”

Greaves said something as simple as candy can make all the difference for a sick kid. The Ronald MacDonald House has been getting candy donations since they opened their doors more than 30 years ago.