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'Music Under New York' Gives Musicians a Stage Underground

"Music Under New York" Gives Musicians a Stage Underground
The most recent group of musicians to join the program were selected earlier this month.

Every June, the MTA selects a group of musicians to play underground as part of their Music Under New York program. Entry to the program lasts a lifetime and can have big perks.

Technically it's legal for anybody to play in the New York Subway System, but for those select few that play as part of the MTA's Music Under New York program it comes with the option to use an amplifier, sell their music, and promote themselves using a banner.

Moses Josiah has been playing the "musical saw" in Grand Central Terminal for 14 years. He says before he was accepted into the Music Under New York program it was difficult to play in one spot. "I tried to but since I didn't have a permit, I was asked to move" said Josiah. 

As for how long he'll keep playing in the subway? Josiah says as long as it takes him to get tired. 

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