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New Safety Initiative Aims to Protect Sandy Workers

New Safety Initiative Aims to Protect Sandy Workers
Hundreds of safety kits being distributed to day laborers in NY and NJ.

A new safety initiative aims to protect day laborers from the dangers of rebuilding after Superstorm Sandy.

The National Day Laborer Organization Network says workers are exposed dangerous conditions in the aftermath of the storm, including mold. The Network's workers rights program cooridnator Nadia Marin Molina says this why they are providing day laborers with safety kits and information about potential hazards.

"There is mold. So workers have gone into places and have not had any type of protective equipment. They have already started to cough and they feel like their lungs have become affected."

The safety kits include basic protective equipment like hard hats, respirator masks, goggles and gloves. The network aims to distribute at least 5000 of these kits to day laborers in New York and New Jersey.