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New Signage in NYC Helps Pedestrains Find Their Way

New Signage in NYC Helps Pedestrains Find Their Way
Department of Transportation Commissioner Jannette Sadik-Kahn announced "WalkNYC" program today

A New York City Department of Transportation survey shows ten percent of New Yorkers admitted to getting lost in the city in the past week. Luckily, a hundred new signs with neighborhood maps will appear across Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens this summer to help pedestrians find their way. 

DOT Commissioner Jannette Sadik-Kahn announced the program, called Walk NYC. She says the signs will make the streets more navigable. 
"Whether you're a lifelong New Yorker or whether you're a visitor, we all know that feeling of being turned around when you come out of an unfamiliar subway station or unfamiliar building....there is a clear need for this system." 
The signs feature neighboorhood streets, major points of interest, travel information and public transportation stops, and also estimated walking times for pedestrians. Sadik-Kahn says the program will expand to all five boroughs by next year