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NY Lawmakers and Upper East-Siders Protest Garbage Plant

NY Lawmakers and Upper East-Siders Protest Garbage Plant
The 91st Street Marine Transfer Station is widely contested issue amongst New Yorkers

Upper East-Siders held a protest today over a proposed garbage plant in their neighborhood.  They said the 91st street Marine Transfer Station is an environmental and health risk to the the flood-prone community, especially in the wake of Super Storm Sandy. 

However, supporters of the project beilieve the station would reroute garbage trucks which predominately drive through lower-income, outer-borough neighborhoods.  Gavin Kearney, director of environmental justice at New York Lawyers for the Public Interest said its about equity.

"We should all be responsible for the impact of the waste that we create.  Its fundamentally unfair and discriminatory to ask a small handful of communities to take on three fourths of the waste generated in New York City."  Kearney said.

The structure was first proposed in 2006