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Quinnipiac University Spotlights Energy Use

Kyle Slattery, flickr


Quinnipiac on board to raise energy consumption awareness.

Quinnipiac University is climbing on board the go green movement. 

A new online program is now letting students see exactly how much energy they’re using in real time.  The new “Building Dashboard” site will show energy consumption in over 20 buildings, including dorms.

Keith Woodward, Associate Director of Facilities at the University, said the site will help students be more mindful of their energy use.  He said “students can check the site every five minutes, hourly, and on a daily basis.”

Woodward said the program will serve as a teaching tool as well.  “It will help students get ready for the real world, when they’re left paying utility bills of their own,” said Woodward.

Quinnipiac plans to hold competitions between buildings to encourage students to conserve more. 

The website also tracks information for some 100 other universities nationwide.