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Regina Spektor: 2016

Regina Spektor and Carmel Holt at WFUV

Regina Spektor and Carmel Holt at WFUV (photo by WFUV Staff)


Of all modern day singer-songwriters, Regina Spektor may have one of the more interesting backgrounds. Growing up in the Soviet Union, Spektor began her classical training on piano at age six. Her training continued when her family emigrated here to New York City, settling in the Bronx in 1989. Within 10 years she was writing pop songs, followed quickly by her debut album in 2001.

By 2006, Regina had a gold record with her fourth album, called Begin To Hope. What followed has been a successful career with sold-out shows at New York's Radio City Music Hall, the Royal Albert Hall in London, and two nights at the Sydney Opera House in Australia. She's had countless song appearances in TV and film, including the theme song for the popular Netflix series, Orange Is The New Black.

That song was all we had to tide us over between records in the past few years, so fans were ecstatic to hear of Spektor's return this year with a seventh studio recording, Remember Us To Life, which is her album since 2012.

Spektor has two concerts slated this month in New York (Town Hall on October 17 and Rough Trade NYC on October 18), but first, she came back to the Bronx to play her new songs in Studio A.

[recorded: 10/5/16]