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Trump Addresses Business Conflicts in Press Conference

Donald Trump

Photo Courtesy: Associated Press.


In his first press conference in months, President-Elect Donald Trump addressed concerns about potential conflicts of interests involving his various businesses.

Trump told reporters he would be placing his companies into a trust. The trust would be managed by his sons, Donald Jr. and Eric. 

The president-elect also said any profits from foreign governments staying at the Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C. would be donated to the U.S. government. In addition, the Trump Organization will refrain from making any deals with foreign partners. But Trump maintained that it would still be legal for him to control his businesses if he wanted to.

"I don't have to do this," Trump said. "I could be the only one to do this, but I wouldn't like the way it looks."

Protesters outside of the press conference expressed their doubts on the sincerity of the gestures. 

"That's not part of his agenda," Jenny Hines said. "It's all he cares about: money and power."

Trump also addressed other issues, including Russian hacking. He now concedes that Russia could have been behind the hacking of the Democratic National Committee. The president-elect still placed some of the fault on the DNC, saying "they were totally open to being hacked."