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Volunteers to Sweep Through Jersey Beaches

Volunteers to Sweep Through Jersey Beaches
Thousands are expected to gather for a biannual beach clean-up.

An ocean advocacy group in New Jersey is holding its biannual beach-sweep Saturday morning.  Volunteers will gather up and down the coast to collect, tally, and safely dispose of debris.  Clean Ocean Action has been organizing clean-ups like this for 28 years.  They use the information collected by volunteers to appeal to politicians and inform the public about ocean pollution.

This is the non-profit organization's first beach-sweep since Sandy.  Spokesperson Lindsay McNamara says she expects to see a change this year because of the superstorm.  Restoration projects and safety issues will prevent them from hitting all the beaches.  She also says instead of cigarette butts and soda cans, they also expect to gather different kinds of trash.

"We expect to find more household debris, unfortunately."

The beach-sweep expects to draw thousands of volunteers, from girlscouts to local business owners, and kicks off Saturday morning at 9am.


For more information about the beach sweep and how to get involved, visit the Clean Ocean Action website.