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#SummerofFUV Music Guide

WFUV at SXSW: Sallie Ford at Hotel San Jose


Critics are tripping over themselves to love this band, and you can hear their songs all over the television (the parts without the swear words, anyway).

The second album from Sallie Ford and The Sound Outside (@SallieFordMusic), Untamed Beast, pays strong tribute to the early sounds of rock — just don't call her rockabilly or you'll piss her off. (Sing along: “Can’t wait to see the day when all the genres melt away!”)

Sallie and the band got together in Portland, Oregon in 2007, and recorded Untamed Beast in their adopted hometown with the rock-cred producers who worked with Deer Tick and Middle Brother.  Sallie says, "it's time for a girl to infiltrate the boys’ world of rock n roll and grab it by the balls.”

The Sound Outside part of the equation includes Tyler Tornfelt (upright bass), Ford Tennis (drums), and Jeffrey Munger (lead guitar) — go back and read that last part again, because the secret weapon in this band is one seriously versatile guitar player, giving every song its own sound.

We have history with SF&TSO: A 2011 SXSW session, and some time in our own Studio A in 2011. We caught up with the band at South by San Jose, playing at the Hotel San Jose during SXSW 2013. Here they are, doing "Addicted."

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