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#SummerofFUV Music Guide

Why I'm NOT going to SXSW

Making the scene in Austin: "But Not For Me" - Claudia Marshall

Making the scene in Austin: "But Not For Me" - Claudia Marshall


Every year at this time I start to wonder if I'm missing out.  After all, it seems the entire music industry has converged on one place - everybody except me, that is.  *Sigh*  I know, what a bummer, staying home and play music on the radio.  Quel Drag.

But seriously, what is all the fuss about in Austin right now? And have you ever wondered:  What IS it and why is 'FUV there?  Certainly somebody else could cover this conference, right? 

Weeel.  Not so fast there pahdner. 

Nobody does it like 'FUV, for one thing.  And for another, Austin is where "it" is happening right now.  But I'll let Rita and Russ and Alisa (and the rest of Team 'FUV) explain what 'it' is  Since I've never been.

And it looks like I never will. Why?

Well, for one reason, SOMEBODY has to mind the store.  I mean it.  I have a job to do here, damn it:  waking your ass up. 

But for another... GOD, it looks EXHAUSTING.  Be-LIEVE me, I get plenty tired running from stage to stage at Newport, let alone the craziness of  "South By," which, by all accounts, leaves one intoxicated by new music --  but also just pain-old intoxicated.  And wiped.

I'll leave that to the more intrepid souls like our former grad student, Eleanor, who is making her first foray (and is YOUNG ) and is blogging for NPR.

Look for me in the Bronx, Baby!