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A Conversation with Eric Simonson

The Esteemed Playwright Speaks about his new play Magic/Bird

Magic/Bird, the new Broadway play opening April 11th at the Longacre Theater, chronicles the side-by-side journey of two of basketball’s biggest pioneers, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. The team that created Lombardi, Producers Tony Ponturo and Fran Kirmser, Director Thomas Kail, and Writer Eric Simonson, all reunite to form another sports themed play about players who transcended their sport. In this case, they move from the gridiron to the hardwood and the transition is seamless.

I got the special opportunity to speak with playwright Eric Simonson. We discuss the challenges in writing a play about basketball, the opportunity to collaborate with Magic and Bird during the writing process, and some of the crucial scenes and themes from the play.

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