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One on One Goes Inside the Baseball Hall of Fame

Baseball HOF Librarian and Director of Research Give Insight Into New Book

As part of our series of interviews on Hall of Fame Weekend, Mack Rosenberg and Nolan Silbernagel talked to Jim Gates and Tim Wiles about the new book released by the Baseball Hall of Fame:  “Inside the Baseball Hall of Fame.” Jim is the Librarian and Tim is the Director of Research and both were major contributors to the book, which is filled with photos of artifacts, some not currently on display, and the history behind them.

They talk about their involvement in the writing of the book and the selection process of the artifacts. Jim and Tim share some of the very interesting stories associated with these pieces of American history. Find out what baseball fans called a perfect game in 1880 or what make the Honus Wager card the most valuable baseball card on the market. The interview is a small glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes at the Hall of Fame Museum.  

Listen below.

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WFUV Sports || Interview at Giamatti Research Center

(Left: Mack Rosenberg, Nolan Silbernagel, Julian Atienza (front-to-back))

(Right: Jim Gates, Tim Wiles (still in his costume for Casey at the Bat))

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